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I married my high school sweetheart, Kevin, and am a mother of four teenagers, (Don't feel bad, I quite like this stage) one daughter, and three sons. 

I am passionate about being involved civically, believe the family is the core of a successful community, and I enjoy educating those around me about how they can participate in our local and state governmental processes to affect change.


I'm a True Aggie and got my Bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in business from Utah State University. GO AGGIES!

I have owned my own business since 2015. I love the creation stage of making an idea come to life as well as problem-solving the dips and turns that comes with a small business. I think being an entrepreneur has taught me many lessons about hard work, ethics, and the importance of cultivating a strong talent in customer service.


When I turned 30, I decided to choose one scare-me-spitless goal at the beginning of each new decade. But there were rules:

1) It must be a big enough reach that it could take the full 10 years to achieve.

2) I had to feel like I had no business thinking I could do it. 

My first goal was to become a fabric designer. In the course of this goal, I taught myself graphic design, the fabric manufacturing process, and how to license designs. I reached that goal after three years of many, "Not yets." I refused to look at a "No" as an indication of failure, but rather as one step closer to a yes!

This set me up to combine the skills I gained and lessons I learned to launch the most rewarding venture to date.

In 2020, out of a desire to improve communication between the community and the school district, I helped co-found a parent advocacy group. Through this organization, we help parents understand how our government works and how anyone can be involved and advocate for their families. We encourage people to be well informed and respectful as they begin to engage their elected officials. Our consistent message is Be Kind To Be Heard.

This past 2022 general session I spent most days at the Capitol advocating for policies that would protect parental rights, liberty, local control, and conservatism. Being involved in the process firsthand, I discovered I have a natural inclination to understand bill language, see the nuances of legislative policy, and conceptualize the long-term effects a policy could/would have. This aided in my endeavors to advocate for effective and transparent policy. Along the way, I learned how crucial it is to communicate the legislative process as easily consumable pieces to constituents. It has been inspiring to hear feedback that people were feeling more and more engaged due to these efforts. 

I've been a substitute teacher in Davis School District since 2020, continue to be very active in participating in school board meetings, and am currently serving on Viewmont High School's community council as the Vice-Chair.

Running for an elected position isn't for the faint of heart, but I'm determined to do so with grace, kindness, a bit of sass, and a whole lot of listening. 

Thank you for your vote!

- Emilie


Vote Emilie Daly House District 18

 Local government

  •     Most often, the best decisions are going to come from the people that are nearest to the issues at hand.

Parents and parental choice

  •     Strong families correlate with strong communities. Our Utah Constitution recognizes this and states, " The state recognizes that: a parent has the right, obligation, responsibility, and authority to raise, manage, train, educate, provide and care for, and reasonably discipline the parent's children; and the state's role is secondary and supportive to the primary role of a parent." Utah Code 62-4-1(d)​​

Education Quality 

  •        It's prudent to consider whether the funds allocated to education are being applied in ways that result in the best outcomes for our children and teachers. Quality public schools, as well as alternative choices, serve to effectively educate the greatest number of children. 

Food Taxes

  • we should work towards the removal of a food tax so long as it is fiscally responsible to do so.


Fiscal Responsibility

  •     We must live within our means, save for unforeseen situations, and, as a state, work towards financial independence when possible.

Free Markets

  •       Competition encourages growth in the economy and provides communities with improved products and services.

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